Outdoor RV Storage in Moorpark, CA

Owning a motorhome is beautiful thing. The ability to hop in your RV, turn the key, and head to different destinations is both exciting and rewarding. However, when you aren’t touring California in your RV, you want to be sure it’s safe, well-maintained, and (ideally) not sitting in your driveway taking up space.

If you’re looking into RV storage options, consider the outdoor storage facility at Moorpark RV Storage. We do much more than just charge you to park your RV in our lot. Moorpark RV Storage is a full-service outdoor storage company.

Here are some of the features our facility offers:

  • Valet service. If you’re in a hurry, just give our valets your keys, and we will get your motorhome settled in safe and secure.
  • Security. The facility has 24/7 security with code-box entry. Your investment is our priority, so we want to help you keep it safe. Plus, when you visit, our facility is fully lit so you can easily be aware of your surroundings.
  • RV detailing and maintenance. At Moorpark RV Storage, you don’t have to take your RV elsewhere to have it cleaned and maintained. You can either use our self-serve wash and dump station or allow our staff to keep your motorhome in its best shape.
  • Safety inspection. Before you hit the road, our staff can do a safety check of your RV to give you peace of mind.
  • Pricing options. We base our rates on the size of your recreational vehicle. So whether you have a pop-up camper or a large motorhome, we have spaces and rates to fit your needs.
  • Solar panel installation. Headed to a camp site that doesn’t have electricity? No problem. Let Moorpark RV Storage fit your RV with solar panels.
  • Supplies. From firewood to propane, our staff can help stock your RV with what you need for your next trip. Just ask!

Note that some of these services are included in your monthly storage rate, while others may cost an additional fee.

To ask about our monthly rates or reserve an outdoor storage space for your RV, call Moorpark RV Storage at 805-529-3246. Our outdoor storage facility is easily accessible for all Ventura County, California residents.


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