Boat Storage

Owning a boat is an adventure, but if you don’t live on or near water, storage and maintenance can become overwhelming. Fortunately, Moorpark RV Storage is located in the heart of Moorpark, CA, and offers safe and secure boat storage along with various other services for keeping watercraft in excellent condition. Go ahead and give us a call today at (805) 579-6192 to learn more.

Storage Length Monthly Pricing
0′ – 20′ $150
0′ – 20′ Pull/Thru Inquire
21′ – 25′ $150
21′ – 25′ Pull/Thru Inquire
26′ – 30′ $175
26′ – 30′ Pull/Thru Inquire
31′ – 35′ $185
31′ – 35′ Pull/Thru Inquire
36′ – 40′ $205
36′ – 40′ Pull/Thru Inquire
41′ – 45′ $210
41′ – 45′ Pull/Thru Inquire
45′+ Inquire

*No Temporary Storage Accepted

*Paid in advance Semi-Annual 7% discount pricing available for all spaces listed above.

Storage Convenience Is Key­

Moorpark RV Storage is the perfect outdoor storage solution for keeping boats high and dry when not out enjoying the waves. Our convenient location is in central Moorpark, so you’ll never have to go out of your way.

With monthly boat storage, customers also have access to a variety of helpful services provided by us and our sister companies, 101 RV Rentals, All Valleys RV Storage, and Fillmore Outdoor Storage & RV Sales. We are famous for our “stop and drop” valet service and our maintenance and detailing. When you get home from a long trip, just drop off the keys with us. We’ll take care of any request and return your vehicle or boat safely to its parking spot.

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24/7 Safety and Security

Trusting Moorpark RV Storage as your RV storage and boat storage destination is the perfect way to keep your property safe. Our storage lot offers 24/7 protection and security with private code box entry, full-yard lighting, and a variety of other secure features. Rest assured knowing that our entire facility is protected and available when needed. Customers have access from 6 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. every day of the year.

Get Started at Moorpark RV Storage

Protect your investment with a little help from the professionals at Our private, secure lot is conveniently located in Moorpark, CA and provides safe RV and boat storage to residents in Ventura County, including Thousand Oaks and Newbury Park. Contact Moorpark RV Storage today by calling (805) 579-6192.